Tashi Delek!

Young Tibet is a creative agency based in New York City.

  • History of Tibet

    The goal of history of Tibet timeline is to present a brief history in an extremely simple and user friendly way.

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  • Sounds

    Capturing regular ambience sound. Had a great opporunity to record various interesting sounds in India.

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  • Project Match

    A Native App project under development. The project aims to solve an overlooked problem faced by many women.

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Elders Picnic

The picnic successfully concluded!

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Conserve Tibet

The goal of The Conserve Tibet Project is to find, collect, preserve and make available significant materials specially audios and videos that have historical importance to the Tibetan people, both culturally and traditionally, so that they may be used by the current and future generations.

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Project Cube

Project cube is a project in development. Upon completion the project will produce a signigicantly small yet multifuntional gadget that can be used in our everyday life.

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